Do you do custom orders?

Yes! If it is something similar to products I've already made, I can give you a fairly accurate estimate on cost. If it's something I've never made before, I won't really know the cost until I've made it. If it's something for a specific item (ie: knife sheath for a specific knife) I would need very accurate measurements, and honestly I prefer not to make them because I can't really guarantee having it fit correctly if I don't have the physical item in my hands. If you were willing to ship me the item I would fit it out.


Do you accept returns?

Yes! I stand by my products and if they don't fit or are not made correctly or falling apart, I'll take them back and fix them, or refund you.  At this current point in time it is up to you to ship it to me and I will refund the original shipping. I haven't found a very good cost effective way to offer prepaid return shipping labels. So far all I've found are ones that cost as much as a lot of my products. Not sure if I'm missing something but that's where its at in this current point in time.


Where do you get your leather from?

Most of my leather is bought from a little mom and pop shop in New Brunswick called Atlantic Leather. Sometimes I will purchase leather from Tandy as well but I prefer buying and working with Gil!


Do you use the hides from your own cows?

Not at this current point in time but that is kind of the goal! I do have one hide in getting done up at as we speak as a test run so we'll see how it goes! I would still buy from Atlantic Leather for my most used specific stuff but would be cool to have my own to use as accents!