7 Gifts For Him

Ah yes.. HIM. The guy that just goes and buys what he wants and doesn't leave anything for you to "gift". Allow us to be of some assistance.. he probably doesn't know these things even exist never mind gone out and bought them already. So in no particular order, we present the following...


Dopp Kit

genuine leather shaving dopp kit

Why is it called a Dopp Kit? I have no idea. But this leather shaving kit, shaving bag, travel bag.. whatever else you want to call it is for the out and about guy! Or you could be like my husband and leave it sitting on the bathroom counter to hold all the things.

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Cow Keychain

Chances are it's him that should probably be giving you this keychain.. however if you are the culprit in this situation, this is basically a year round free pass. At the end of the day you can say.. "Yeah but that keychain though so.."

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Bottle Opener Keychain
It opens bottles... need I say more? The metal opener end does also have a carabiner on the end not attached to the leather so dual purpose.
Custom Coasters
These laser engraved custom leather coasters can be engraved with literally anything. Business logo, brand, favourite sports team, favourite quote... I'll even engrave profanity for you but I probably won't put it up on my socials.
Valet Tray
genuine leather valet tray
What even is a valet tray you ask? It's a place for him to put everything when he empties out his pockets. Put it on the dresser, the entryway table for keys etc.. take it with you traveling so you can keep track of room keys etc. Its a storage container that's cute!
Guitar Pick Case

For the musician in your life...  a little leather keychain case for his guitar picks! If you want to get really technical, it will probably save him money because they'll get lost less.. ok only a few cents but still. 

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Card Wallet

This leather card wallet is for the minimalist man! The one that only uses cards and never takes the receipt? Yeah that one. There is a little slot in the front for cash.. he'd just have to choose either a small dollar amount or hoping places have change.

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There are obviously a lot more options and some more even on the Range Road 21 website! Under Gifts for Him ironically. But we always love a little done for you starting point! Happy Shopping!